Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tiger Mori-Izumi


  1. I'm looking forward to meet you and your comrades of NKT.
    A lot of military fan in Japan know the U.S. MACV-SOG. But unfortunately, they don't know about NKT anything.
    However I know that you guys were the most active special forces during that war.
    So I've writing blog about NKT what I could learn from your blog to make the people know it.
    I hope that I could advance understanding about the history of your country in this trip.

  2. Thank you for a lot of advice!
    I see. I will find a room from those hotels in downtown.
    Also I will call you when I get a SIM card to inform you my phone number.
    Could I ride on your car on the way to San Jose? That is very helpful!
    Also I'm looking forward to meet your friends in San Jose, and I'd like to visit to the Viet Museum too.
    OK, I will use "XE ĐÒ HOÀNG" and let I know it to my friend.
    I might have any other question later, so please keep in touch.
    Thank you